India's PM Manmohan Singh
India's PM Manmohan Singh (Reuters)

When Manmohan Singh yells, does the sound come out at 0 decibels when measured? Or when the prime minister was a child, was he always marked absent in class? And better still; when Singh was born, was there a moment of silence? And did the silence last forever? A cheeky and funny twitter trend with the hilarious one-liners starting with "when Manmohan Singh" will leave you giggling for long.

Quite unsurprisingly, most of the jokes attacking Singh target his most notable characteristic of being silent. But the headlines about him have been blaring in recent time, particulalry after his recent controversial comment on Narendra Modi during a rare press conference. His assertion that Modi had 'spearheaded' the killings of innocent people in the streets of Gujurat in 2002 came as a shocker to all journalists who had only seen his silent demeanor until now.

Lets take a look at top fifteen of the funny tweets on the 'forever silent' PM: