Personal letters of significant people have always lent themselves to newspaper headlines, deep curiosity and widespread awe. Is it any wonder now they attract social media virality too?

When Indira Gandhi's personal letter, exchanged with industrialist J.R.D Tata, was shared by Twitter influencer Harsh Goenka, it evoked from nostalgia and approval to awe all at once.
In the letter, dated July 5, 1973, the former Indian Prime Minister thanks the late industrial tycoon for a gift. She addresses him as Jeh, in the typewritten letter, carrying the stamp of the 70s era in so many ways.

thank you note

"I am thrilled with the perfumes. Thank you so much. I don't normally use perfumes and am so cut off from the 'chic' world that I do not even know these, but will certainly experiment with them."

The letter further reads, "It was good to see you. Please do not hesitate to write or to come and see me when you want to convey any views --- favourable or critical. With good wishes to you and Thelly. Yours sincerely, Indira Gandhi." In the letter, Gandhi thanked JRD Tata for the perfumes sent from a cosmetics company which the Tata group owned at the time.

Indira Gandhi Birth Anniversary

The netizens can't have enough

Scanning each and every word to the way of addressing in the letter, several social media users drooled over the contents and also rued over the era gone by. Some chose to highlight the former PM's openness on accepting views and feedback.

"Did you notice? She asks for feedback and views, both favourable or critical," wrote a user. Many others interpreted the contents of the letter to make a political point and questioned whether it was acceptable for a Prime Minister to accept gifts from an industrialist. As expected, a debate over and comparison with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's friendly relations with current industrialists ensued.

JRD Tata
JRD Tata landed at the Juhu aerodrome in a Puss MothVistara/Facebook

The letter is part of the Bombay House 2.0

In 2018, Bombay House, the iconic Tata Group Headquarters in Mumbai reopened after elaborate, extensive restoration work. One of the main highlights of the building at the time was a digital museum. Bringing forth slice of an era and personalities which were rarely accessible in their times. As a part of its immersive experience offered to the visitors, is also the same letter exchanged between JRD Tata and Indira Gandhi.