A family parrot exposes husband's affair with housemaid in Kuwait
A family parrot exposes husband's affair with housemaid in KuwaitReuters

Parrot is one of the favourite pets for many, but if you have plans to cheat on your wife or husband, remember that the same pet can land you in trouble. A man in Kuwait landed in hot water after his pet parrot exposed about his alleged affair with the housemaid.

It is understood that the parrot repeatedly mimicked flirty words in front of his wife. Following the incident, the woman is said to have filed an adultery complaint against the man at Hawalli police station.

In a country like Kuwait, adultery is a punishable offence and people found guilty of the illegal act could even get severe punishment. However, the authorities cannot depend on what the parrot says as it could have heard those words from television, radio or somewhere else. The latest reports suggest that the investigators have dropped the case due to lack of credible evidence.

Similar incidents have been reported in the past as well. In 2006, a parrot had reportedly alerted its owner about his girlfriend's infidelity by screaming her ex-colleague's name -- "I love you Gary".

In a bizarre turn of events, Maharashtra Police had recently "summoned" a parrot for "hurling obscenities" at an 85-year old woman, who alleged that her stepson had trained the bird to scream out abuses at her.