This year, Karan Patel aka Raman of "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" shocked his fans when news of his spilt with Kamya Punjabi broke out. Soon after ending his relationship, Karan married TV actress Ankita Bhargava.

While it looked like Karan has moved on and is happily married to Ankita, things took a turn during the ongoing Box Cricket League when the ex-couple bumped into each other at the tournament. 

Rumour has it that Karan gate-crashed Box Cricket League party thrown by Kamya, who is the owner of Jaipur Raj Joshilay team, reported

He further shocked the guests at the party when he reportedly walked up to Kamya and told her that they should patch up and apologised her for his wrongdoings.

While it is not known how Kamya reacted to Karan's suggestion, if the reports turn out to be true, then Karan's act must have surely offended his wife Ankita.

In other news, at a recent press conference, Kamya opened up about her fall-out with Karan and the reason why he isn't a part of her cricket team this season.

"Change is the biggest tragedy of life and I have accepted that. Karan may not be a part of my team now but the resolve to play the best cricket and win, is still there. And as to why he is not a part of my team is public knowledge now. The whole world knows why he has moved on to another team," said Kamya, reported The Times of India.

In response to Kamya's statement, Karan, who didn't attend the press conference, later told the daily: "I was not there when Kamya said all this. But I will maintain that she is a great human being. She is a good friend too. And I will always remain cordial with her. I wish her all the best today for her cricket team, and forever in life."