There are lots of moments that transpire on a set. The general audience only gets to see what makes it to the screen, but don't know what goes into making those scenes and characters come to life. Sometimes it even poses a risk to an actor's life.

Salman Khan when he was shooting for Tere Naam, found himself in a situation where he could have easily lost his life. However, a co-star saved him, which few people would have done at a moment like that. 

Salman Khan
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How a co-star saved Salman Khan

The movie business can be a dangerous one at times. To pull off a film, sometimes actors have to perform stunts and play out scenes that pose an incredible threat to their wellbeing. While many actors have stunt doubles who can do the dangerous tasks in place of them, there are a few Bollywood actors who take the harder route and perform the sequences themselves.

In 2003, Salman Khan was filming Tere Naam. In the film, there was a scene in which Salman had to walk in front of a train on the railway tracks. When he was performing the shot, he noticed that the train's speed was increasing suddenly and it was getting very close to him. 

Tere Naam
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When this happened, a co-star in the film who had the presence of mind pushed Salman Khan out of harm's way and he fell on the next track. Salman Khan spoke about the incident in an interview. The film ultimately received high praise from critics and was seen as one of Salman's best performances.