Stephen Amell as ArrowCWArrow/Facebook

Arrow star Stephen Amell gives off the no-nonsense vibe. But that doesn't have to mean he's a bore.

Very recently, he found himself on the wrong side with one of his co-stars after he had made a joke in between lines. Rick Gonzalez, who plays Wild Dog on the show, wasn't particularly pleased with Amell's flippant remark.

Even though the joke was made to lighten the mood, Amell told Michael Rosenbaum on his "Inside of You" podcast, it interfered with Gonzalez's process. It would have been easy for the actor to have taken offense, but he appreciated Gonzalez's way of addressing the incident.

Instead of making a scene, Gonzalez pulled Amell aside, told him how he felt about Amell going off-track during the reading session. "This scene and this moment in the episode is really important to me and I didn't appreciate what you did," Amell quoted Gonzalez.

Amell was quick to apologise. He thanked Gonzalez for bringing it up and talking to him about it. "The fact that he pulls me aside, it's squashed, my level of respect for him which was already high jumps up even more and then you go on about your day," Amell added.

In other news, Arrow is headed for an action-packed season 7, in which Oliver Queen will not be seen in his usual element. Rugged and filled with anger, Queen is going to be fighting a lot of inmates.

Apparently, this season will be similar to season 1 in a lot of ways. At the recently-concluded San Diego Comic Con, Amell said that Queen will be back to being the man he was when he had returned to Star City after 5 years at Lian Yu.

What's more, like every year, team Arrow will be fighting metas and criminals in the Crisis on Infinite Earths episodes that are scheduled to air on December 9, 10, and 11. Interestingly, there are going to be as many as 14 superheroes joining forces against evil.