Perfectionism is key. Especially when you're trying to make a film, it's all about the details. Still, perfectionism doesn't bode well with everybody and can come across as a little too much if not handled well. What can you do?

Aamir Khan has been touted as Bollywood's resident perfectionist, few can be compared with. The actor has always been so, and before he became an actor and worked on his father's sets, it landed him in some trouble. One time Amrish Puri lost his temper on Aamir Khan due to his eye for details.

Amrish Puri and Aamir Khan

Amrish Puri lost his temper at Aamir Khan

Before he was a renowned celebrity, Aamir Khan was just another person who happened to be the son of Tahir Hussain. The budding actor worked on sets to learn the trade and prove that he would make it in Bollywood. Even that early in his career he was a perfectionist and would take care of the minutest details. This wasn't a familiar working style for the time. 

Aamir Khan assisted his uncle Nasir Hussain in the film Zabardast in 1985. The cast included big names, Sanjeev Kumar, Sunny Deol, Jaya Prada, and Amrish Puri as well. Only a few people on set were aware of Aamir Khan's association with Nasir Hussain, neither did Amrish Puri. Aamir was dedicated to his work and was put in-charge of action continuity. 

Aamir had to check for details and make sure all shots were continuous and that the action sequences didn't appear choppy. He had explained the placement of hands to Amrish Puri and had begun shooting. Puri in the flow of the scene would forget about the hand positioning. Aamir though was particular, he kept reshooting the scene not letting the hand positioning go. This upset Amrish Puri. 

The senior actor was livid and yelled at Aamir Khan and nobody said a word. Out of respect for the older actor, Aamir Khan kept silent and didn't say anything back. It was Nasir Hussain who intervened reminding Amrish Puri that Aamir was just working according to instructions. This pricked Amrish Puri's conscience and he even apologised to Aamir over the incident and cleared the air. Interestingly though the two have never worked together on a film