Being a hero has all sorts of demands, you see them saving lives on-screen, fighting evil. But in real life, it's a bit harder to be hero, isn't it? Putting yourself at risk to help another human being is not a choice many would make. Akshay Kumar is one of the few though. Akshay Kumar saved Lara Dutta from a high tide while they were shooting for a song in the film, Andaaz. 

Akshay Kumar jumped into deep waters to save Lara Dutta

Few put other's lives before their own. When adversity strikes, sometimes it's sudden and you may not have the presence of mind. We've seen so many Bollywood movies with big heroes, who have no problem plunging to their death to save another human and do things we could never do in real life.

Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutta

It's incredibly rare when a reel hero turns into a real one. However, Akshay Kumar has saved the lives of not one but two co-stars of his. The actor has saved the life of Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Khakee and then Lara Dutta's life during the shoot for Andaaz in 2002. 

There was a song sequence being shot in Cape Town, Africa, for Rabba Ishq Na Howe. While they were filming the song on top of a rock, the crew had no idea there would be high tide. When a wave crashed into the rock where Akshay and Lara were shooting, accidentally the former Miss Universe slipped and was swept away by the wave. What's more, the actress didn't know swimming. 

The crew and the cast were shocked and were in a moment of a daze. The actress was going further into the sea, but, Akshay Kumar thought quick on his feet and dived in to save Lara Dutta. Thankfully, everybody was safe, but Lara was shaken by the incident and it took her a while to collect herself.