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Actress Riya Sen, who was seen in a bold role in Bollywood movie Dark Chocolate, recently made a terrible goof-up at a restaurant in Mumbai when she ordered the waiter for some 'sex.'

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Riya was having dinner at a popular restaurant, which also offers drinks like 'naughty cocktail' and 'sex on the beach.' However, the actress was not willing to drink, but craved for eggs to eat.

Coincidentally, the eatery has a dish called 'eggs on the beach' and Riya somehow got confused with the whole menu. When the waiter came to take the order, Riya mistakenly said, "Could I have some sex please?" according to SpotboyE.

Baffled by what just happened, the waiter got red-faced, but did not react much. Riya soon realised the blunder and corrected herself saying, "Could I have some eggs please?" The Bengali actress then could not control her laughter. Well, that was indeed a terrible mistake to make.

Riya was in news years back when her sex video with then boyfriend Asmit Patel was leaked online. It was one of the most talked about MMS scandals in the history of Bollywood. Daughter of Moon Moon Sen, Riya did a number of movies, but could not make a big name in Bollywood.

Some of her films include Dark Chocolate, Style, Zindagi 50-50, Qayamat - City Under Threat and Jhankaar Beats, among others. Now, Riya is set to appear in Saurabh Varma's short film Lonely Girl.