After a teary-eyed Aamir Khan walked out of the "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" screening, reports about the superstar shedding tears after watching Imran Khan-Kangana Ranaut's "Katti Batti" went viral.

Director Nikhil Advani shed some light on the matter, saying how Mr. Perfectionist reportedly cried every day he sat with him in the edit room. 

The news could have done Aamir some good, considering he'll next be seen in a sports-cum-family drama, instead it made him the butt of all jokes on social media.

The actor's 'emotional' act was subjected to ruthlessly hilarious memes and wisecracks on Twitter. Here are some of them:

Desi Shin Chan: Bachpan mein Aamir khan ki maa uski aankhon par Diaper pehnati thi #crybaby #aamirkhan (sic).

Vijay Pratap Singh: God Created Aamir Khan after creating Navjot Singh Sidhu to restore the Balance of the Universe. #aamirkhan #crybaby

Samir Goyal: Aamir Khan doesn't like Rajesh Khanna because Rajesh Khanna: Pushpa, i hate tears re..... #aamirkhan

SUbham: People who watche movies with #aamirkhan never have to buy water #histears

Shilpa Rathnam: What did Aamir Khan tell his wife when he saw she wasn't crying along with him? Kiran, Ro.

Ingenious: Aamir Khan cries every time he watch a better movie than Mela.

Gautam: Air Hostess: Sir, would you like to have anything? Tea? Coffee? Juice? Aamir Khan: Tissues

Check out the memes below: