Craziest stunts
A boy performed the stunt of Salman Khan starrer "Kick" train sequelScreenshot/Youtube

People push themselves to prove that they are brave and strong enough to perform dangerous stunts in real. Many of them get inspired from the action movies and try them as a daredevil. Recently, an Indian boy copied a train sequel stunt of Salman Khan starrer "Kick".

These daredevils don't understand that movie production team provides proper security and measure to the actors or stunt men. There have been cases when innocents died while performing such crazy stunts.

The most common is doing bike stunts which may look simple but is very dangerous. From India to Overseas, there are thousands of stunts performed by people and they post their videos on internet. Some of them ended in a funny manner and some hilariously failed.

Here are few of those stunts which show crazy people performing stunts.

An Indian boy doing a dangerous train stunt

An Indian boy performs a risky stunt by running and getting hold of a moving train. He slides with it and hangs around it like a monkey even after the train leaves the station.

A crazy fellow lying under a moving train

A man is lying under a moving train. The friend, who is filming this whole scenario, calls him mad and tells him it's dangerous. The crazy guy crosses his limit when he tries to get out from under the moving train and also succeeds.

A bus on fire jumps over 15 motorcycles

This is not a common man, rather a stunt man Steve Hudis, who made a record by making his bus jump over 15 motorcycles. The bus passes through a giant fire ball and then the 'bus on fire' jumps over the motorbikes.

A man jumps off a bridge with his Kayak

Here a man rests his Kayak on a bridge with the help of his friends. Then he jumps off the bridge to a river sitting on his kayak. He submerges in it but manages to roll the boat with the paddle.

A wheelchair is put on fire with a man sitting on it

Unlike the above videos there are few such stunts which become an epic failure.

In this video, a man sitting on a wheelchair is put on fire, which is tied to a car. The car will make the wheelchair move straight on a ramp launching him, through the air, in a bath tub. But this stunt is an epic failure as the man misses the bath tub and launches beyond that hurting himself.

A boy tries to do a bike stunt but in vain

In Brazil, while practicing bike stunts, a boy loses his control and falls in the river, leaving the bike behind.