WhatsApp is the largest cross-platform instant messaging application with over 1.5 billion users. It is not without good reasoning that WhatsApp is the most preferred app by smartphone users. The Facebook-owned messaging app constantly rolls out new features to improve the user experience and also keeps testing some incredible features to hold solid ground in the future.

WhatsApp users know what features have recently made the biggest difference for them, but there's always more excitement and anticipation for upcoming features. WABetaInfo tracks all the new features being tested with select users. While some actually make their way to the masses, some are not deemed worthy.

WhatsApp users are eagerly waiting for new features, like the Dark Mode, that are bound to show up eventually. But it looks like there is one more interesting feature that will make the cut and it will surely impress 1.5 billion users on the platform.

New WhatsApp feature alertREUTERS

WABetaInfo tweeted that WhatsApp is still working on a feature that will allow users to have the same WhatsApp account on more than one device at the same time. Currently, WhatsApp users can only have one account on the registered device and if anyone tries to log in to another device, the account on the previous device will be logged out. WhatsApp Web isn't bound to this rule as it works differently.

But the fact that users will soon be able to have the same WhatsApp number on two devices is going to be a relief. If that raises concerns over security, the blog noted that chats will still be end-to-end encrypted using a new method to assign keys to specific devices.

WhatsApp new feature coming soon
WhatsApp new feature coming soonScreenshot via Twitter

Sadly, there's no official word on when we can expect multiple-device support in WhatsApp, just like the company is mum about Dark Mode and WhatsApp Payment. Only a select number of users have received WhatsApp Payments, but the rollout was resumed after the company ran into regulatory hurdles with RBI.

Recently, WhatsApp rolled out Memoji stickers for iOS users and the availability of its group invite system was rolled out to more countries. The company is also testing ephemeral messages that will automatically delete a message after a set period of time, which will work in addition to the manual recall option. WhatsApp for iPad is also under works and a rollout might happen soon. Stay tuned for updates.