WhatsApp Voice Calling For iPhones; Top Changes Seen In iOS App After Recent Update
WhatsApp Voice Calling on iOS; How Will The New Feature Work On iPhones?WhatsApp iTunes

If you are on the look-out for the voice-calling feature on WhatsApp, you're probably not alone. The anticipated feature is rolled out to a limited group of people via an invite-only system controlled by WhatsApp.

This is to ensure voice calling works without glitches when officially launched to its 700 million users worldwide. The feature was first seen on Android devices, but it now appears on iPhones after a recent update last month. The new WhatsApp feature is not fully activated on iOS devices but here's how it will work when launched publicly.

With the latest update to WhatsApp iOS app version 2.11.15, iPhone users will see a new call button appear to individual contacts on your phone. The call button appears next to user's profile picture on the top right and also when users open an individual conversation. For now, the call button is not fully functional as it takes the user to the iPhone's dialer and uses your carrier's network to place calls, BGR reported.

But the appearance of the call button on iOS devices adds more weight to the ongoing news about the voice-calling feature secretly being tested on Android platform. It seems, iPhone users won't have to wait long for the feature to be rolled out to them when Android users receive it after successful testing.

The latest software update to the WhatsApp iOS app not only brings the non-functional call button, in fact, it adds series of new features. According to the official changelog, the version 2.11.15 WhatsApp app brings support for Dynamic Type (variable font sizes) throughout the app and a quick camera button in the chats.

Compared to its Android counterpart, iOS users witnessed a wider roll-out of voice-calling on WhatsApp. But the feature is non-functional. But in Android phones, limited people have received a fully-operational voice-calling feature on WhatsApp.

Anyways, all this points towards one thing that WhatsApp is getting closer to launching the coveted voice-calling to its users across platforms. If you haven't received the call button on your iOS app, head over to iTunes and get the latest version of the app installed and wait for the feature to get activated.