WhatsApp Voice Calling For iPhone; 4 Simple Steps To Activate The Feature, Jail Break Required
4 Easy Steps To Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling on Jail broken iOS DevicesWhatsApp / Facebook

WhatsApp is gradually rolling out voice-calling to select users as part of its beta testing phase, ahead of its official launch. But, users of the world's most popular instant messaging app are growing impatient and looking for ways to get the feature working as soon as possible. The voice-calling is largely tested on Android, leaving the iOS device owners wondering when and how to get it on iPhones. To free iOS WhatsApp users from the extended agony, here's a simple guide to get the feature activated on their devices too.

WhatsApp hasn't started rolling out its voice-calling to iOS-powered devices, but a recent update added the call button sans the calling function alongside other changes. This intensified users' anticipation for the much-awaited feature. Thankfully, iPhone users won't have to wait any longer as a Reddit user Akish Gupta (akishgupta95) found a tweak that will let you use the feature by following a few steps. Note that the steps menioned below will only work on jailbroken iPhones, The Fuse Joplin reported.

How To Activate Voice-Calling On Your iPhone?

Step 1. Download and install WhatsApp beta on your iPhone.

Step 2. Add iMokholes repository to your list of Cydia sources. To do so, launch Cydia after installing WhatsApp and add the repository code "apt.imokhles.com" to Cydia sources.

Step 3. Install WhatsAppCallEnabler by going into the Settings of the app.

Step 4. Contact a friend who has the voice-calling activated and request him/her to make a call to you.

These steps will activate free voice-calling on your iOS WhatsApp app. Note that this method is not approved by Apple or WhatsApp and this article does not promote jailbreaking of your iPhones. Once the feature is fully tested to WhatsApp's satisfaction, users of the messaging app across all platforms will be treated with voice-calling through an OTA update.