WhatsApp Voice Calling Coming to iOS In Few Weeks, Says Co-Founder; How To Activate?
WhatsApp Co-Founder Breaks Silence On Voice-Calling For iOS Devices; Estimates A Few WeeksScreenshot WhatsApp

Free voice calling over IP isn't an entirely new feature, but WhatsApp has got millions of people eager with its demanded feature. The Facebook-owned messaging service limited access to select users and developers as a part of its beta-testing.

WhatsApp also allowed the selected users to invite others by calling them and activating voice-calling. But the invite windows lasted for few random hours, making it difficult for users to bring more people aboard. As it turns out, the messaging giant has dropped the walls and opened its invites indefinitely, at least for now, Android Police reported.

In order to activate the VOIP feature on WhatsApp, users must have the latest version of the app on their Android phones. According to the publication, which has closely followed WhatsApp's voice-calling rollout since it began almost a year ago, WhatsApp version 2.11.561 is the most suitable one to host the new feature. After downloading the latest app, users only need a friend or another WhatsApp user who has got activated voice-calling. By requesting a VOIP call from that user, you can finally activate voice-calling on your app too.

WhatsApp has been testing the voice-calling for a long while, but the company hasn't started rolling it out on Play Store. With the activated voice-calling on WhatsApp, users will witness an overhauled interface featuring three separate tabs for chats, contacts and calls. The new tab keeps a record of all recent calls made from within the app and looks similar to the contact directory.

The news of WhatsApp rolling out voice-calling in phases also triggered some negative attention. Taking advantage of the energetic response towards voice-calling, spammers started sharing links to users promising fake invites. Last week, a malware made the rounds where it asked users to fill out a survey on behalf of WhatsApp to get the feature. In return, users were treated with dangerous apps and software with malicious content.

People must be aware that WhatsApp voice-calling can only be activated one-way and that's by getting a call from someone who already has the feature. Users can be patient instead of falling prey to these hackers as WhatsApp will eventually make the feature available in future updates. That way, users must only go to Play Store and update the app and enjoy the feature.