Facebook, which launched vividly colourful status background in Android in late 2016 and later to iOS, is now planning to bring the same to its messenger application: WhatsApp.

Earlier in the year, WhatsApp launched new multi-media status update feature, allowing users to post images and GIFs to replace the monotonous text-based status update. But, it never gained popularity among the masses. Now, the company is bringing the coloured background to encourage users to utilise the new status update more often, Android Police reported.

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As of now, the coloured status update is available to beta testers, and like earlier WhatsApp is expected to release the new feature via software update first to Google's Android mobile OS platform and later to Apple iOS.

How to use coloured-WhatsApp status update?

Once the official update rolls out to the WhatsApp, users can head to Status tab and start typing their thoughts at that moment. User will have three options to write content such as adding emojis, selecting fonts and most importantly the colour you prefer in the back ground.

Interested users, then, can enrol as testers [HERE] for WhatsApp. Once registered, he/she will get the newest WhatsApp features than anybody else and also you will be able to communicate to the company developers and send feedback.

WhatsApp messanger, coloured background
WhatsApp to bring Facebook’s coloured-background feature to make status update appealingREUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Are you excited about the upcoming coloured status update to the WhatsApp? Do you think this will make you use status update feature more often? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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