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Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been quite busy this year adding several value-added features and recently brought support for sticker sharing. Now, it is slated to bring new contacts to add an option that will make it easier than ever before.

Prominent tipster WABetaInfo has unravelled a new QR Code and Add Contact options, which are under WhatsApp beta testing.

With the soon-to-be-released update, WhatsApp will bring a redesigned interface for both iOS and Android platforms. The company has made it simpler to add new contacts for normal users and enterprise owners.

WhatsApp will soon bring new Add Contacts feature for both iOS and Android platform versions.REUTERS

Here's how new Add Contact feature works:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp >> Go to Edit>> Select New Contact and it will offer you the country of origin of the person and once selected, it will automatically add the respective country code (for India: 91+).

Step 2: Once the number is added, WhatsApp will show you the person is active on the messenger app or not and you can initiate the texting or make calls.

Here's how QR Code-based contact sharing feature works:

This WhatsApp feature is said to be similar to Instagram's Nametag and Snapshot's Snapcode feature.

With the upcoming update, WhatsApp will allow the user to generate QR Code from within the messenger app and they can share to their two new contacts on the go. Once the receiver scans the code, it will automatically fill the relevant details in respective fields such as first name, middle name, last name, email, URL, address, birthday and other stuff in one go.

With this, the user need not manually fill the rows. We believe this will benefit business houses to share the contact details on their website or on their shop's notice board for consumers.

As of now, QR Code feature is being tested for the iOS platform and is expected to expand to the Android. Later, it will be released to the public by the end of December or early 2019.

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