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Almost everyone has encountered the horror of packing for a vacation. This terrifying experience doesn't escape even the most experienced and expert packers amongst us. Most of us end up staring at our wardrobe, wishing for things we had and cringing at the things we still have stored.

Those who travel often would confess to trawling through Pinterest for fashion advice and essentials that one always has to carry. But why read through or watch zillion pictures when one can find inspiration from celebrities? After all, they always seem impeccably dressed and have all the right accessories which make for great pictures.

Among the many Bollywood celebrities, we have noted down the most avid travellers and by ogling at their Instagram pictures, we give you a list of things that seem to find a place in their bags.

Parineeti Chopra

This beauty seems like a globe trotter. A cursory glance at her Instagram account will reveal the places she's travelled to and suffice it to say that they are quite exotic. Parineeti is sometimes seen enjoying the balmy weather of Miami or relaxing in Malaysia. But if there are few things that make it to all these places, it's a pair of distressed jeans, a backpack, jackets and sneakers. Comfort clothing seems to have taken precedence over everything else.

Anushka Sharma

Anyone who's a fan of Anushka Sharma would know that she's a fitness addict and the "Sultan" star doesn't give exercise a break even while vacationing. Gym accessories definitely find a place in her bag. Apart from this, Anushka always seems to carry a pair of Vans, most often a watch and plenty of T-shirts. Just like her contemporary Parineeti, she seems to have given her vote to comfortable clothing.


Musician Sivamani often finds his inspiration during his travels. And a vacation during the monsoons seems like a must. Apart from carrying his very alert and agile ear for music, the percussionist maestro also carries a yoga mat, headphones, compact umbrella and a portable charger. If there's one piece of advice he'd like to impart to monsoon travellers, it is this: "Plan meticulously and don't go on a backpack without your essentials and ensure they are water friendly."

Priyanka Chopra

The U.S. has almost become Priyanka Chopra's second home. This Bollywood celeb travels so much that each page of her passport tells a different story. But if there are some things that remain constant in her bag, it is her earphones and big hair bands that one would find on the mane of someone from the 80s. The "Quantico" star is often seen with these two accessories during her travels and it looks like she knows what the most essential things while travelling are.

Sonakshi Sinha

The "Akira" star's Instagram account is an object of envy for anyone who suffers from wanderlust. Sonakshi travels so much that she's started documenting them with under #sonastravels. Sonakshi seems casually dressed during a vacation and it seems as if she likes to experiment with her style. The Bollywood celeb loads up on shorts, long dresses, caps and sneakers.

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha seems to travel often to sunny places and most of her travel style centres around this. However, she manages to rock boho-chic very well. If you're ever planning a vacation to a tropical island, you could find plenty of inspiration from this newlywed. Be sure to pack plenty of bikinis, flats, bright lipsticks, wide brimmed hats and of course, sunglasses.