In the pic, Justin is seen checking out the tattoos on the 29-year-old actress who was casted in the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black" this season. The topic of their resemblance is pointed out in the series as well when Piper Chapman (Taylor Shilling) says she wants to hang out with her friend, Justin Bieber who in fact, is regular ol' prisoner Stella (Ruby Rose).

Ruby and Justin met each other in June and posted photos on Instagram captioning it, "Twinning".

Hollywoodlife reported that the two were at Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas when they bumped into each other and commemorated the occasion by posting a picture on social media.

According to Hollywoodlife, the two are totally in on the joke as they both dress similarly. "Everything from their hair, their prominent jawlines and sleeves of tattoos have fans doing major double takes about who's who — and Justin and Ruby are totally in on the joke!" the report said.