K-Pop artists often receive gifts from their fans. In fact, the idol groups' loyal fans are spread across different countries, and even continents. This explains the plethora of gifts that make their way to K-Pop music stars. From a delicately crafted birthday cake to a life size photo frame capturing some precious moments of their idols, the music artists have received it all.

But, Girls' Generation member Taeyeon has received a very unusual gift, which deserves to be mentioned. As a token of affection and gratitude, a fan sent chicken feet jelly to her favourite star.

The "Lion Heart" star shared a picture of her biting into the jelly on her Instagram account. She captioned the picture as, "Thank You for the chicken feet jelly today. Sone are the best."

So far, the picture has received 352k likes on social media, with fans complementing Taeyeon for just being gorgeous.

The Girls' Generation member is currently in the midst of promoting her band's new album, "Lion Heart", and she appeared on "Weekly Idol" a few days ago, Allkpop reported.

During the TV segment, MC Jung Hyung Don called Taeyeon the "OST Queen" and asked if she would ever take up acting. However, the singer said she doesn't want to give acting a shot and is happy lending her voice to OSTs.

The "You're All Surrounded" star said, "I'm satisfied with having my voice in OST dramas," reported Allkpop.  

Here's what Taeyeon received in her mail: