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Ubriaco is a type of cheese that is also known as drunken cheese. [Representational Image]Reuters

Ubriaco is a type of cheese that is also known as drunken cheese. It's for those who enjoy the combination of cheese and wine.

Although the process of making this cheese is reportedly dated back to the First World War, it's commercial production started for the first time in 1976 at a factory owned by the Carpenedo family, Mail Online reported.

Currently, this cheese is made by an Italian cheesemaker in northern Treviso called La Casearia Carpenedo. The factory makes it by soaking pasteurised cow milk cheese into different wines.

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The cheese wheels that are used to make Ubriaco can be aged for about a year and it is being specifically made for the factory.

After collecting the wheels, the cheesemakers soak them in wine. The wheels are left there for up to five months to extract the complex flavour, delicate aroma and unique sweetness of the wine.

The factory makes around 15 types of cheese and some of the wines used to make drunken cheese are red wines, white wines and Prosecco.

The most popular type of drunken cheese is known as Ubriaco di Raboso. It has a deep purple rind and it is made up of local red wine.

Each Ubriaco wheel can cost between Rs 7868 (€ 100) to Rs 15, 737 (€ 200). The Treviso factory sells around 20,000 cheese wheels a year, reported Mail Online.