Among the popular Korean narratives aired on TV, revenge dramas rarely get featured. But this fall could be different.

If reports are to be believed, SBS is planning to air "Good bye Mr. Black", a manhwa written in the 80s. While the script for the show is ready, the SBS drama has considered Moon Chae Won for the lead role, according to Allkpop.

"Goodbye Mr Black", based on Count of Monte Cristo, will revolve around a man who finds himself cheated by his best friend and lover. Later on in the plot, he is convicted for a crime he did not commit and is banished to Australia. In the manhwa tale, the protagonist, Edward, finds friends in Australia and returns to England to exact revenge on his friend and lover.

Although Chae Won will not play the part of Edward's lover, she has been considered to play the character of Sanwee. Chae Won will be portrayed as one of Edward's friends from Australia who help him as he plots his revenge.

According to Dramabeans, the actor hasn't confirmed yet if she will play the part. Reports do suggest that the actress is quite impressed with the storyline.

If Chae Won accepts the role, she will be the tough and determined friend who will act as a foil for an emotionally distraught Edward.

The TV series, written by Moon Hee-jung, will remain true to the plot of "Goodbye Mr. Black" and may not be shot in Korea. It is rumoured that possible locations in England and Australia are being scouted.

"Goodbye Mr.Black" will be directed by PD Lee Chang-min and will air this fall.