(Picture for representation) Mermaid ramen has a stunning blue broth with noodles, chicken fillet, topped with eggs and sprouts.Pixabay

We have often come across mermaid hair color, mermaid nail polish and even mermaid makeup, but nothing close to mermaid ramen.

Kipposhi, a Tokyo restaurant, has come up with a bowl of noodle with a stunning blue broth inspired by the Hawaiian ocean. And guess what, they don't even use food coloring to get the blue color. So all the health freaks out there, this is a great choice for you.

The owner of the restaurant, master Koizumi, keeps his recipe secret, but rumor mills say that the chef uses a natural pigment derived from spirulina algae called phycocyanin to color his broth, according to Daily Mail.

Koizumi has also changed his getup to match the mood. He has dyed his hair pink, which is another prominent color associated with mermaids, to strike a contrast with the color of the dish.

The blue ramen became an instant hit as soon as he posted pictures on Instagram. The visually stunning dish retails for ¥900 ($8.46).

The bowl generally has soup made with a rich chicken broth and roasted chicken fillet, which is a little unconventional as Japanese ramen normally consists of pork slices. The noodles are then topped with salted eggs and sprouts.

Koizumi is very particular about his broth. According to reports, he wanted it to be as clear as possible to really capture the feel of the ocean. To attain this, he boils the chicken soup together with minced meat so they collect the particles that normally make a soup cloudy.

And viola! you have clear broth with slight and delicious meat taste.

The dish is generally served in a white porcelain bowl or transparent glass bowl, which truly brings out the stunning colors.

The Instagram page of the restaurant has garnered 3.4k followers and has pictures of smiling customers enjoying a hearty bowl of ramen.