Matt Sinclair
Matt SinclairFacebook/MasterChef Australia

Matt Sinclair may have lost the competition to Elena Duggan in "MasterChef Australia" Season 8, but this year's runner-up has not given up on his culinary dreams. The 27-year-old contestant from Sunshine Coast has a slew of plans and is already working on a new project. If you've found your gastric juices churning at the sight of Matt's dishes on the Channel 10 reality TV show, then your dream of tasting it could come true very soon.

Matt plans to open a food stall in Brisbane's Eat Street Markets in less than a month, confirms Good Food. The "MasterChef Australia" Season 8 contestant's new venture is called "Ten Piece Cutlery" and Matt hopes to diversify this and evolve his stall into a food truck and ultimately build a catering business around it.

Matt, who put his honeymoon on hold in order to be part of the cooking reality show, eventually wants to cater at weddings and special events, but those plans are still in the pipeline. At the moment, he's focused on setting up his food stall, for which the equipment and menu seems to be ready.

Fans of "MasterChef Australia" Season 8 will remember Matt's dishes as being sophisticated, elegant and flavoursome. However, his food stall will serve dishes that are simpler but more importantly, comforting.

To be sure, Matt's "Ten Piece Cutlery" will focus on South East Asian cuisine and will serve up a platter that requires one to eat with his/her hands. However, you might find your hands gripping some delicious offerings such as soft shell crab burger and Thai-style chicken and short ribs braised in master stock, among other dishes.  

Matt, who lost to "MasterChef Australia" Season 8 winner Elena Duggan in the grand finale, won prize money of USD $40,000. The finalist thanked the judges and most importantly, his fellow competitor who almost risked her own cook in order to help Matt with Heston Blumenthal's complex dessert, verjus in egg.