Actors share interesting equations. Sometimes they may be intimidated for whatever reason by someone they're working with or another colleague in the industry. Still, when an actor who is known to be scared of practically nothing admits to their fear, it's a revelation if anything.

Salman Khan is the least perturbed actor in the industry. Whether it's on-screen or in real life, the actor never seems to be scared of much. Recently, he did admit to being scared about the situation around Coronavirus, who isn't? We're talking about being scared of another person. Well, Salman Khan said that he was scared of Sridevi at one point.

Sridevi Kapoor and Salman Khan

Why Salman Khan was scared of Sridevi?

Sridevi was the reigning Queen of Bollywood int he 80s and 90s. Everybody knows Bollywood just isn't the same without her. All the actors and directors of the time were eager to cast her and they knew if she was part of a film, it was going to do wonders.

Few heroines could pull audiences to the theatres like Sridevi could putting her at the top of the list. Moreover, she was the first actress who drew an INR 1 crore paycheck which was unheard of for actresses at the time that she was acting in. 

Salman Khan, on the other hand, was just making his foray into Bollywood in the early 1990s. At the time who knew he would turn out to be the superstar, he is today? Sridevi and Salman Khan worked on two films together, Chandra Mukhi in 1993 and Chaand Kaa Tukdaa in 1994. 

In an interview much later, Salman Khan revealed that he was scared to work alongside Sridevi and the reason for this was that, when Sridevi worked in a film, the audience paid hardly any attention to any other actor in the film. The audiences also used to say that they walked into a cinema for a Sridevi film only to watch her. Not just that, Salman Khan called her India's true female superstar. 

This is no small compliment. It's incredible for an actress to command that kind of respect which few actresses can claim to have enjoyed.