Kasturi Enters Bigg Boss Tamil 3 House
Kasturi Shankar gets entry to Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house.PR Handout

After refusing to accept Vijay TV's offer to be part of Bigg Boss for two consecutive seasons, Kasturi Shankar accepted the offer in the third season as a wild-card entrant and got eliminated in just two weeks. The actress, who has won a lot of fan following on social media sites through witty one-liners filled with sarcasm, could not live up to the people's expectations and became a subject of trolling after eviction.

Kasturi Shankar entered the house despite understanding the risks associated with the show and the damage it can bring it to an individual if things go wrong. She was aware of the fact that people would troll her if she disappoints them. So, what made her take a chance? In an interview, the actress has revealed that it is money which lured her to enter the show.

According to her, the makers of the show made an offer which she could not reject. "It is not because I suddenly decided that Bigg Boss is a seemingly good programme I should be on. They made me an offer I just couldn't refuse. At some point in time, one has to decide which stupid you want to be. The stupid with the paycheck or the stupid without the paycheck. (Laughs)," The Indian Express quoted her as saying.

Kasturi Shankar had entered the house with high hopes, but she could not gel with the inmates. She was constantly targeted by Vanitha and Cheran. But the 45-year old had good equations with Cheran and Abhirami towards the end of her journey. After her eviction, she had the opportunity to enter the Bigg Boss Tamil house through secret room, but the actress refused the offer.

The 45-year old has stated that she has no regrets for taking part in Kamal Haasan-hosted show as it has given her a good life experience. "It showed me that I am not too big to apologise. It showed me that in times of conflict, I will even take up blame, just to end the conflict. It also showed me that I can be in jail and can survive. I thought to myself that I was a short-tempered person, but I realised that I don't get angry for petty reasons. I am glad somebody paid me to go find that out about myself," she told the daily.