As celebrities wind down during the lockdown, each one is finding their own joy in the chaos. Kangana Ranaut who went to Manali to practice social distancing and be with her family is also sharing her own experiences and using social media to connect with her fans. 

Rangoli Chandel who is one of the most active personalities on Twitter posted a picture of Kangana. Rangoli even commented on Kangana's nature of never going to the parlour as she helps her sister with her blackheads.

Rangoli Chandel helps Kangana clear her blackheads

The Coronavirus lockdown is turning into downtime for some, while it's still negatively affecting a large section of the population. Kangana Ranaut retreated to the hills of Manali to be with her family. She has been vocal about the lockdown and even discussed on a news channel. She put out her own workout videos and tips on how to spend time during the lockdown.

Kangana Ranaut
@team_kangana_ranaut on Instagram

We're getting to see more of Kangana up close and personal without the glamour filter. Rangoli Chandel shared a post of her sister as she usually does with pics showing Kangana resting on Rangoli's lap. The Bollywood actress' sister is helping her clear blackheads. 

It's a new candid moment for any celebrity. Kangana is ahead of the rest with her real posts on and no beauty hype. As sisters usually do, Rangoli joked about Kangana's disregard for skincare, "What kind of an actress is she? She never goes to a beauty parlour, the cosmetic world has grown leaps and bounds. Her face is full of blackheads. Today, I finally caught hold of her." The picture was taken by their father.

The lockdown seems to be turning into a vacation of sorts for stars albeit a vacation with no definite end in sight. Is this the initial euphoria that will soon wear off? Only time can tell.