Jamat-ul-Vida 2016: Quotes, wishes, history and significance of the last Friday of Ramadan
Jamat-ul-Vida 2016: Quotes, wishes, history and significance of the last Friday of RamadanReuters

Muslims around the world will soon bid adieu to the holy month of Ramadan and start the celebrations of Eid al-Fitr, which will last for three days. While Muslims are busy preparing for Eid ul-Fitr in India and around the world, the last Friday of Ramadan, which is known as Jamat-ul-Vida or Jummat-al-Vida, is being celebrated among the Muslim community on July 1.

Jamat-ul-Vida is of great significance among Muslims as it combines the greatness of the month of Ramadan as well as Friday (Jummah), which is the most important day of all seven days of the week. On this day, Muslims gather and celebrate by indulging into prayers, reciting the holy Quran, doing charity and helping the needy.

Friday has its own significance in Islam and a special prayer is held on this day around noon. On this day, Muslims gather in large numbers to listen to a sermon by a cleric followed by a congregational prayer. Several main events in Islam take place on Friday, hence adds to the importance of this day over others, according to Islamic scriptures.

  1. Allah created Adam on Friday and he was also granted entry into heaven on this day.
  2. Adam was sent to earth on Friday
  3. Adam died on Friday
  4. On Friday, there is a special hour during which a person is granted anything lawful that he seeks from Allah.
  5. The day of Resurrection will be on Friday.

Of all the days, Friday is the most virtuous. It is on this day that the trumpet will be blown. Send abundant durood upon me on Fridays because they are presented to me on that day," according to Prophet Mohammed's sayings.

Below are some wishes and quotes that you can send to your family and relatives on this day and remind them of the importance of Jamat-ul-Vida.

  • Ramadan, I wish you could stay forever,
    So we Muslims will be at our best of Iman.
    Jamat-ul-Vida Mubarak.
  • Ya ALLAH our sins are so many,
    But your mercy is limitless.
    Please Forgive Us,
    You are the greatest forgiver
    You love to forgive
    Plz Forgive me, my Parents, my Family and the whole Muslim Ummah past & present.
  • Alwida Alwida Mah-e-Ramzan Ya Allah Hum Ne Jo Rozay Rakhay, Jo Ebadatain Ki Aur Jo Namazain Parhin, Ya Allah Qabool Karna. Aur Jo Hum Se Galatiyan Huen, Ya Allah Unhe Darguzar Kar Dena, Aur Hum Sab Ko Mauf Kar Dena, Hum Sab Ki Qayamat Ke Din Maghfirat Farmana!!Ameen.
  • As Ramadan departs from us yet again, we pray to see it again next year. I hope our prayers, fasts and all the good deeds are accepted and rewarded generously. I pray all our sins are forgiven. Jamat-ul-Vida Mubarak.