Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat poses on the red carpet as she arrives for the screening of the film "Inside Llewyn Davis" in competition during the 66th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes May 19, 2013.
Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat poses on the red carpet as she arrives for the screening of the film "Inside Llewyn Davis" in competition during the 66th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes May 19, 2013.Reuters

Just when you thought Mallika Sherawat made a decent presence at the Cannes Film festival representing the Indian brigade, an interview of her calling India regressive has caught varied reactions.

She spoke at Cannes Variety Studio Interview, claiming that her upcoming film, "Dirty Politics" is based on the real life story of a nurse, Bhanwari Devi who was murdered after her liaisons with a politician came to light.

"It's about the story of a woman who gets involved with a politician who was a was this woman who actually had the courage to stand up to this politician who kind of raped her, molested her, abused her and record his misgivings and everything, and release it to the press," she said.

The actress made the statement despite director KC Biokadia's recent clarification to that the film does not deal with the case of murdered nurse and Mallika's role is different.

So can we say that Mallika is talking of a fictional role just to garner publicity?

"India is such a hypocritical society where women are really at the bottom of society, compared to men..." the actress continued in her 'i-can-do-it-too' accent.

The ostentatious statements didn't die there as she continued hissing (That is if you remember her slithery act in Hiss) with claims of, "I was the first actress in India to kiss on screen and wear a bikini," which we rather would not bother clarifying for most of us are aware of Sharmila Tagore's famous bikini shot for the 1967 film, 'An Evening in Paris' and the obvious Zeenat Aman amd Parveen Babi."

And as for the first kissing tag, Devika Rani was the first woman in Indian cinema to give a four minute long onscreen kiss in her 1933 black and white film, "Karma".

Mallika went on proclaiming, "I was one of the first actresses to be cast by Jackie Chan in a movie called "The Myth"..." now we dont really know what exactly she meant by 'one of the first actresses' since Chan has over 150 films to his credits till date with actresess more than just the skin show.    

At this point, Mallika seemed to be lauding her credentials when she said, "I was fortunate enough to do an American movie called 'Politics of Love'... and I worked with Jennifer Lynch, who's David Lynch's daughter...". None of which we can ever recall as one has the slimy dumb mute snake woman and the other has a review reading, "The only good thing about Ms. Sherawat's performance is that it is no worse than that of her fellow actors in the film."

Giving an answer to Mallika's atrocious statements was a curt Priyanka Chopra saying that the interview was 'highly offending.'

"When it comes to Mallika's statements, I think they were very callous and I don't agree with her. It was upsetting for me as a woman. It was upsetting for me as a girl who comes from India. I think it was extreme misrepresentation of our nation. I don't think it's fair," IANS quoted Priyanka as saying.

"I think we are a progressive nation. I disagree that we are a regressive nation. We are all sitting here and talking about educating the girl child, taking our country forward. I think it's a misrepresentation of what our great nation is on the world platform."

Mallika's interview was also slammed by the tweetards.

Tejas Sharma: "Dear Mallika Sherawat, Please don't come back to a regressive country. Keep your funny accent, facts and thoughts where it can be tolerated".

Satyam Mishr: "New ad idea for Maggi noodles - it takes even less time to cook than the duration of Mallika Sherawat's role in a Hollywood movie".

Rohit Saha: "If Mallika Sherawat thinks tht India is regressive she can shift to any other nation she lyks, may I suggest our next door paradise-PAKISTAN!

Gautam Trived: "Mallika Sherawat if India was a 'regressive' society, you wouldn't have been a 'bollywood star' sitting abroad dissing your own country."