Apple iPhone 6 Survives A 100,000 Feet Fall From Space, Thanks To UAG Protective Case [VIDEO]
UAG's iPhone 6 Case Promotion Is Out Of This World, Literally [VIDEO]YouTube Screenshot

What better way to check the toughness of a product than drop it from the space and see it survive. It may seem unreal at first but an American company took the ultimate drop test by doing exactly the same. Urban Armor Gear (UAG), the maker of rugged phone accessories, tested its composite iPhone case by dropping a protected iPhone 6 from 100,000 feet high. Result: The iPhone 6 survived the crash and worked normally!

To prove it's not a bluff, UAG captured the entire footage of the device elevating into the stratosphere with the help of a weather balloon, a flight rig, two GoPro cameras, GPS and a backup phone and ascending at 70mph (112kph) speed. According to the company, "the iPhone reached a height of more than 101,000 feet, encountered temperatures as cold as -79° F / -61° C and winds as strong as 70 MPH."

"During the descent, the iPhone withstood a 150-RPM rotation speed as the parachute deployed and flight rig struggled to stabilise. Upon landing the flight rig broke apart, however, the iPhone remained undamaged and fully functional," UAG explained. 

As a result of intense exposure to freezing temperature, the iPhone lost its battery in the journey but worked just fine after a recharge.

The whole stunt was simply to prove UAG's durable and highly-reliable protective phone cases. Obviously, you wouldn't drop your phone off from such a height but testing the maximum ensures the guarantee for the product.

The advertised composite case was made up of hard armor shell, a soft rubber core and bumpers. These cases meet military drop-test standards and UAG also offers HD Screen protectors that provide protection against scratches. UAG makes phone cases for various smartphones and tablets from brands like Samsung, Google, HTC, Microsoft and Apple.

Watch the video of iPhone 6 falling from the space below.