Divyanka Tripathi and Ssharad Malhotra may have split amicably but they never indulged in the "let's be friends" idea. The television actors shared real cold vibes when they bumped into each other at Ekta Kapoor's Box Cricket League 2.

"They did not bother to acknowledge each other. The cold vibes between them was perceptible. They found it tough to stay true to their claims of remaining cordial and friendly as exes," a source told the Mid-Day.

Divyanka, after she exchanged rings with fiancé Vivek Dahiya, made it clear that she wasn't interested in anyone other than him. What doesn't add up is Ssharad's reaction, especially after having expressed, time and again, how glad he was about the "YHM" actress finding the true love.

However, he later informed the daily there was no awkwardness between them at the mentioned event. "It's been over a year and we have both moved on. She is lucky to have found a good person in her life (co-star Vivek Dahiya) and I wish her well," Ssharad elaborated.

Meanwhile, Vivek, who is head over heels in love with Divyanka, said he was okay with his lady's past, adding that he too has had his share of link-ups. "Also, the fact that she had just one long-term relationship proves her as extremely loyal and sincere-natured. I respect her because she tried her best to make it work," SpotboyE quoted him as saying.

On the work front, Divyanka is thrilled about her new look as "Shanaya" in "YHM;" Ssharad is gearing up for Ekta's upcoming show "Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki."