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Colourful balloons may seem to be 'happy sight' for many, but a Chinese woman is so scared of it that she faints every time she sees them.

It's no joke, the woman nicknamed Xiao Qian suffers from a rare medical condition because of which she faints and have symptoms of seizure whenever she sees the decorative item.

Xiao Qian who is a company employee in southern China says that the condition has brought inconvenience to her life. She cannot go out of her house in her spare time in order to avoid seeing balloons on the street. And, it has been like this for the past three years she is suffering from.

Dr Wang Liufeng, the psychiatrist of Xiao Qian believes that she has globophobia -- fear of balloons.

She reportedly started experiencing the rare medical condition in 2015. She was in an event and her body twitched suddenly when one of her colleagues popped a balloon behind her.

She was immediately sent to the hospital but the doctors could not confirm what caused it or what she is suffering from. Since then, she had five such experiences whenever she saw a balloon, reported Shenzhen Television Broadcast. "I can't feel my limbs and they were shaking uncontrollably," she explained.

According to The Paper, Dr Wang Liufeng said that she could have suffered from neurosis -- a disturbance on the nerves, due to the fear of balloons.

"Her fear of seeing balloons has already exceeded the danger that any balloons could do harm on her," said Dr Wang. He explained that Xiao Qian could take some medications to control this condition but she also needs to attend psychological treatment.

"The treatment is to let her understand this particular phobia and to relieve her stress and fear of balloons. Then to help her to recover and get back to the society," Dr Wang added.