The entire world is already in the midst of a deadly pandemic induced by COVID-19 virus. As if things weren't bad enough, now Israel has detected the first case of "Florona" disease, which is a double infection of COVID-19 and influenza virus.

A local Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot reported the development and said that the case of double infection was detected in a woman who was admitted to the Rabin Medical Centre to give birth this week. This has put the health officials on the edge. The Ministry of Health is closely studying the case.

What is Florona?

What is Florona

As mentioned earlier, Florona is the term given to the double infection caused with the infection of COVID-19 virus and influenza virus. Both viruses are deadly in nature, and the risk of double infection of COVID and influenza naturally strikes fear. The symptoms of COVID-19 are widely documented, and influenza virus can cause severe symptoms such as pneumonia, myocarditis, and sometimes even death.

In wake of the Florana, it is important to develop immunity against virus. In the event of an immunity collapse, the symptoms of two viruses can be proven deadly. Even though this might be the first case reported, doctors fear there may be more people carrying Florona yet to be diagnosed.

Getting vaccinated is imperative

The best shield against a virus is vaccine. Mass inoculation is the key to end the COVID pandemic. While vaccine for COVID-19 is available for select ages, influenza jabs are available for children as well.

The Health Ministry in Israel has recommended all individuals, including children from the age of six months, to get their influenza shot.


Israel is also reporting many influenza infections, with hospitals having treated 1,849 patients in just one week, CDC and Israeli Ministry of Health revealed. As of Friday, Israel has reported a total of 1,380,053 COVID-19 cases and 8,243 deaths. In view of this, Israeli Ministry of Health announced that it has approved the administration of the fourth booster shot against COVID-19 for adults at high risk.

People with suppressed immune systems are at the highest risk, as they do not develop a serological response after receiving three vaccine doses, the Ministry explained. The fourth dose will be administered under the condition that at least four months have passed since the third shot was given, and for those aged 18 and over only.

First case of Florona reported in non-vaccinated woman

The doctors at the Rabin Medical Center found that the young woman with Florona is not vaccinated. But the doctors have also revealed that she is in good health, Russia Today reported. But this is an important lesson for those who are hesitant to get jabbed in the middle of a pandemic.