"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams is not worried that her boyfriend, NFL player Duke Williams, tried to chat up Pornhub star Mia Khalifa.

According to a Radar Online source, Porsha and Duke have been in a relationship for a few months now, and they are happy with each other. As per Porsha, Khalifa wanted her 15 minutes of fame and this could have been why she posted online a snapshot of her messages with Duke, the source noted.

"Porsha is unbothered by the whole situation," the source said "The girl was just looking for her 15 minutes of fame."

"Duke is a sweet guy, and Porsha is so happy," the insider added. "They are super into each other. It's love!"

Early this month, just a few days before Porsha and Duke went public with their romance, adult film star Khalifa accused the NFL player for sending her flirty messages on Twitter.

According to the private messages, the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills star has been trying to strike a conversation with the porn star since February. Although she ignored his messages for months, Khalifa recently reverted saying: "I am in Miami. With my boyfriend. Who's d**k game is A1."

"Warning: Trespassers in my DM's will be shot and hung out to dry in public," she later added.

Soon after, Williams took to his Facebook page to respond to Khalifa, saying he was not trying to trespass and his intention behind messaging her was to invite her to a pool party.

"Shutting this down NOW & FINAL... The full conversation wasn't posted. It was ONLY an invite to a pool party & PG. Other people were invited as well. There's no thirst or trespassing here. Trust that I am very hydrated #realtalk," he wrote.