You will see new emoji like crown, lipstick, shoe and bomb next to a name as Snapchat has released a few of them. But can you use them? Yes if you are a celebrity or a public figure or what Snapchat calls a "real deal."

The new Snapchat emoji emerged almost two months after the company released a few emoticons, including gold star and baby, confusing its users.

Now the new emojis appearing next to names of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, One Direction etc has made people curious what they mean and whether they can also use them.

While Snapchat hasn't revealed the meanings of the newly released emoji, they can be taken as just "verified accounts" if one is to go by what the company said: "Official Stories help Snapchatters more easily discover and identify interesting Stories." So, it means ordinary users, who don't make headlines, cannot use the new emoji.

"If a Snapchatter has an Official Story, their name will appear under an Official Stories header when you search for them. Also, an emoji will appear next to their name so you know they're the real deal!" said Snapchat on its support page, adding that "Official Stories may become more widely available." 

However, many people took to Twitter to know the meanings of the new emoji on seeing them next to names of some celebrities. Here are some of the reactions on the microblogging site: