Black Pink
Black PinkFacebook/YG-Family

The wait has been long and it could be longer for those who've been waiting for YG Entertainment's new girl group, Black Pink, to debut.

The entertainment company's second all-girl band is supposed to make its debut in July but with no confirmation or even a hint from the group's agency, many fans are left wondering if Black Pink's debut music video will be released any time soon.

While most fans are left feeling frustrated about the lack of information from the YG camp, some believe the reason for Black Pink's delay is due to Red Velvet's comeback. In fact, this theory has found resonance on social media, with many fans arguing that YG Entertainment is planning to pit Black Pink against SM Entertainment's girl group.

If this is indeed YG Entertainment's marketing strategy, it wouldn't be the first time that the entertainment companies have gone head-to-head with their bands' music. In 2014, YG Entertainment's 2NE1 released its album "Crush" just three days after Girls' Generation members released their fourth mini album, "Mr. Mr."  

This strategy proved in favour of 2NE1, which secured #61 spot on Billboard 200. The band sold 5,000 copies of its album while Girls' Generation only managed to sell over 3,000 copies and ranked at #110.

Although many believe they will see a rivalry between Black Pink and Red Velvet, there are others who have argued against this theory. On Twitter, a slew of tweets from angry netizens capture their dismay at this supposed competition.

One Twitter user wrote, "if yg is really trying to make black pink and red velvet feud that's gonna be hilarious because rv's last comeback was a huge flop."

K-pop fans are known to be loyal supporters of their hallyu idols and have even been part of several feuds on social media but the notion that Black Pink and Red Velvet could have a face-off has evoked several amused and rather satirical responses from those who believe this simply isn't the case.