Union Finance Minister presented the Union Budget 2021-22 in Lok Sabha on Monday, putting forth various changes that are expected to revive the coronavirus-hit economy over the course of the coming months. The Budget 2021 is heavily focused on driving economic boost through healthcare, infrastructure and defence, which have received higher spending budgets.

This is the ninth budget under PM Narendra Modi government and first paperless budget in the history of independent India. With an expansive budget and a lot of numbers if you're simply looking to see what the impact is on day-to-day life is, here's a quick run-through of goods that got costlier and cheaper.

Budget 2021 : What's costlier, cheaper

What got cheaper?

  1. Iron and Steel melting scrap, including stainless steel scrap
  2. Flat products of non-alloy and alloy-steel
  3. Long products of non-alloy, stainless and alloy steel
  4. Raw materials used in manufacture of CRGO Steel
  5. Copper Scrap
  6. Naphtha
  7. Caprolactam
  8. Nylon Chips
  9. Nylon fibre and yarn
  10. Primary/Semi-finished products of non-alloy steel
  11. Components or parts, including engines, for manufacture of aircrafts by Public Sector Units of Ministry of Defence
  12. Platinum, Pallidum
  13. Waste and Scrap of Precious Metals

What got costlier?

  1. Petrol, Diesel
  2. Apples, peas, Kabuli Chana, Bengal Gram, Lentil
  3. Cotton
  4. Cotton waste
  5. Raw Silk (not thrown) and silk yarn/yarn spun from silk waste
  6. Denatured ethyl alcohol (ethanol) for manufacture of excisable goods
  7. Crude palm oil, soyabean and sunflower oil
  8. Auto parts
  9. Prawn Feed
  10. Fish feed in pellet form
  11. Flours, meals and pellets of fish, crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates
  12. Maize Bran
  13. De-oiled rice bran cake
  14. Carbon Black
  15. Plastics Builder's ware of plastic, not elsewhere specified or included
  16. Polycarbonates
  17. Wet blue chrome tanned leather, crust leather, finished leather of all kinds, including their splits and slides
  18. Cut and Polished Cubic Zirconia
  19. Synthetic Cut and Polished Stones
  20. Parts and components for manufacture of Tunnel Boring Machines
  21. Metal products like Screws, Nuts, etc.
  22. Plastic, for manufacture of charger or adapter
  23. Mobile phones
  24. Gemstones, gold and silver
  25. Compressor of Refrigerator/Air Conditioner
  26. Specified insulated wires and cables
  27. Inputs and parts of LED lights or fixtures including LED
  28. Lamps
  29. Solar Inverters
  30. Solar lanterns or solar lamps

Budget 2021 highlights

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