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Now that's a hot couple in the making. Rumour has it that Brad Pitt, following his separation from Angelina Jolie, has his attention diverted to Jennifer Lawrence. According to gossip mongers, the Allied actor has shown interest in dating the Hunger Games star and this will definitely get Jolie worked up.

Sources told Australian tabloid Woman's Day that the actor feels Lawrence fits his criteria of a perfect girlfriend.

"Jennifer 'ticks' all of Brad's boxes in all the right ways. She's gorgeous, the hottest name in Hollywood and seems to like older guys," the insider told the magazine, referring to her recent boyfriend and Mother! director Darren Aronofsky. It was recently confirmed that the director-actress couple are no longer dating each other.

Coming back to JLaw and Pitt, the grapevine claims that Pitt had reached out to director Quentin Tarantino to help him get Lawrence's phone number. The two actors are apparently texting each other and getting to know each other better.

The source maintains that while Pitt is attracted to Lawrence, he has an interior motive in all this. Apparently, the actor is looking at dating women who can "make Angelina Jolie jealous," and Lawrence fits the bill.

"Brad hasn't dated much since the breakdown of his marriage, so Jen is a very lucky girl to have his undivided attention. He can't wait to get to know her better, and if all goes well, he thinks they could be Hollywood's next big power couple," the insider explains.

While this is a juicy gossip, Gossip Cop argues that there is no truth in the claim. Contradicting Woman's Day's sources, the website's insiders claim that these are merely rumours and hold no truth.

"The actor hasn't been pursuing Lawrence, nor is he on a mission to make his estranged wife jealous," the site reports. However, there has been no confirmation or denial from the two actors' managers or representatives.