It appears that the cast of "American Horror Story" has established a lasting friendship off screen. Cast members Even Peters and Emma Roberts met on the sets of the horror series and have been dating since. The latest relationship, albeit platonic, is that of Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga. In a recent interview, the cast member said the best advice he's received so far is from the "Born this Way" singer.

Matt, who recently posed for the cover of the January/February issue of Men's Fitness, implied Lady Gaga's advice was inspirational. "A lot of it is learning how to get up and dust yourself off and stand up against adversity or whoever may be an obstacle for you and having the heart to stay open as an artist and creative as an artist," he said.

Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer play a couple in Season 5 of "American Horror Story: Hotel". The actor said working with a musician like Lady Gaga triggers his creative persona. He commended her for her creativity and said her "intelligence is equalled by her heart".

The actor, who focuses on his health and diet, said he watched his diet when filming "American Horror Story."

People Magazine quoted him as saying: "I have to be naked on camera at 9 am for a love scene with Lady Gaga. So maybe it's not a good time for, like, French fries."