Jeffrey Wright as Bernard in a still from Westworld.HBO

The penultimate episode of HBO's Westworld saw Jeffrey Wright's Bernard forcing Dr Ford to take him back to his first memory and subsequently finding out that he was created as Arnold's clone to help Ford run the park. The episode ended with Bernard, who is also a host, killing himself after Ford ordered him to do so.

It is not immediately known if we have seen the last of Bernard, as we have seen several hosts before him being killed and brought back to life. In a recent interview with TVLine, Wright did not give a definite answer when asked if Bernard was truly gone, but revealed he was curious about Bernard's future when he got the finale script.

"'Where's Bernard?' When I got the script, that was my question," Wright told TVLine.

The actor also revealed that he has seen several theories on the Internet that have impressed him. "But at the same time, everything has been revealed since the first episode," he said. "It's all been there on the table. Despite that, I don't think there was anyone who completely read us cover to cover or perhaps wasn't trusting that they were being told the truth from the start."

Meanwhile, HBO has released the synopsis for the season finale of science drama, and it states that Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores embraces her new identity. The episode will also see Ford unveiling his new narrative and Thandie Newton's Maeve setting her plan in motion.

Westworld airs Sundays on HBO and Tuesdays on Star World Premiere HD. The 90-minute-long finale, titled The Bicameral Mind, will be aired on December 4 and it will have co-creator and showrunner Jonathan Nolan in the director's chair.