Pictured: A scene from episode 6 of Westworld.HBO

Episode 6 of Westworld saw Elsie furthering her investigation to find out who is behind the stealing of data from the park, and finally finding evidence that Theresa is the one responsible.

She figures out that Theresa has been been broadcasting to the hosts from an abandoned theatre, and immediately calls up Bernard to inform him of her involvement."Theresa was sending out the data. She's not our only problem. Something much bigger is going on," she says, adding that the hosts can now lie to its creators as well as hurt living beings, something that was shown in the season premiere when Dolores killed a fly.

Elsie fears that Arnold, one of the original creators of the hosts, could be behind all of this, but before she could decipher further, Elsie is taken away by an unknown person. Could she be dead?

The synopsis for next week's episode does not reveal much about what's in store for Elsie. It just says that Dolores and William will enter dangerous terrain and that Maeve delivers an ultimatum. Bernard, who now knows the truth about Theresa, considers his next move.

Meanwhile, the trailer for the episode titled Tromp L'Oeil shows Maeve possibly killing Felix Lutz , one of the Livestock Management employees at the amusement park, who in episode 6 shared with Maeve the truth about her life. This resulted in her blackmailing Felix and Sylvester to alter her programming in such a way that her loyalty is lowered and her ability to feel pain is also considerably reduced. She also wants her intelligence quotient to be increased, and this will spell trouble in the upcoming episode.

Westworld is telecast on Sundays on HBO and Tuesdays on Star World Premiere HD. Find below the trailer for episode 7