Evan Rachel Wood attends the premiere of the HBO series "Westworld" in Hollywood.Reuters

A clip from the episode 5 of HBO's Westworld, which airs on Sunday, shows Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores becoming aware of the real world that exists outside the amusement park, and she seems to be curious about life there.

The clip shows Dolores questioning William about it, and it seems like she has succeeded in overriding her programming completely. Dolores started becoming self-aware when she killed a fly in the season premiere and since then she has succeeded remembering fragments from her past, which the scientists thought they had completely erased.

In the next episode titled Contrapasso, William is expected to further her knowledge of the outside world.

Westworld has just aired four episodes, but it has managed to give rise to a number of theories on which direction the show is headed, with one popular theory stating that the show is currently functioning on two timelines. According to this theory, William is the younger version of the Man in Black, a character who has been coming to the park for close to three decades.

When Entertainment Weekly questioned showrunner Jonathan Nolan on whether there's any truth to these theories, he decided to give a vague answer, saying part of the fun is the speculation.

Here's what he said: "There are some theories that are so elaborate and beautiful that you wish you thought of them yourself. I think we want to burden the audience as little as possible with expectations of what we think the show is. I'm a big believer in this ever since we went to the Venice Film Festival with 'Memento.' My brother [director Christopher Nolan] gave an interview about what he thought the film meant but stressed it was ambiguous. And afterward we talked about it and I felt from then on that the best thing to do is get out of the way of the audience and let them play with it. And there are some things in 'Westworld' that are intentionally ambiguous."

Westworld airs Sundays on HBO and Tuesdays on Star World Premiere HD.