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Childbirth experience might differ from women to women but the tremendous labour pain and discomfort is more or less the same for all. But, some Australian mothers are claiming that there is a simple technique that can reduce 'mental pain' and discomfort throughout the process.

The simple technique is 'hypnosis' – new mother Eva and Australian lifestyle hypnotist, Mark Stephens, recently revealed its benefits on Today.

Both of them claim that the technique helps in reducing stress and pain of childbirth. "Hypnotism gets rid of the fear that you have of the birth and prepares you, especially mentally, for the arrival of the baby," the first time mother said.

According to Mark, "It's about learning how to meditate and changing the idea of pain into a feeling and changing the idea of a contraction into a wave."

Eva claims that this technique helped with her contractions reducing her 'mental pain'. Mark explains: "As each wave comes along breathe with that so in between those waves (contractions) it's a mindful breathing, a mindful meditation."

Mark further explained that when contractions come along women should be breathing deeply. Once they are 'deep into this state' their 'body releases serotonin and endorphins while also reducing the cortisol and adrenaline'.

Eva shared her experience saying: "My last one [contraction] I would call a tsunami, which my son learned to ride into the world so we really loved that experience." She believes that this technique helped in reducing her pain by 80 percent.

Mark says that use of visualisation techniques can be helpful and said that during the process mothers should have happy thoughts or think about a happy place.

"Obviously your doctor is the professional in the room and their main objective is to bring about the safety of the mum and the bub so you need to listen to them, but this technique can make you feel calmer," Mark noted.

However, he also adds that it might not work for everyone but believes that every mother could benefit from learning relaxation techniques, breathing and meditation.