Doddanna was the guest on Ramesh Aravind's talk show "Weekend with Ramesh 2," aired on Sunday, Feb. 14. It was a rare appearance of the veteran actor on the small screen and the anchor tried to bring the best memories out of him.

The 67-year-old opened up on his childhood, struggles, personal life and finally achieving success in the film industry. It was a lively episode where the audience came to know about Doddanna's journey from being an ordinary man to a household name among Kannadigas.

Born in a poor family, Doddanna managed to study a technical course, but his passion was always acting. Hence, he made time for dramas even when he was working in a steel factory in Bhadravathi.

His sincerity and dedication towards the art opened doors in the film industry in 1981. Doddanna was introduced to the film industry by legendary filmmaker Siddalingaiah in "Koodi Baalidare Swarga Sukha," the actor told Ramesh on the show.

According to Doddanna, in the initial phase of his career, he was mainly seen in the role of baddies and policemen. Legendary actor Balakrishna advised him to add humour to his villain characters just when he was being typecast. This transformed him to a comedian after which he never looked back.

On "Weekend with Ramesh 2," Dodanna got emotional when he revealed that his daughter was admitted in a hospital due to some serious health issues and the doctors had given up hopes on her. In the end, she recovered and was also part of Ramesh Aravind's show on Sunday.

His childhood friends, family members, Master Anand and Mukhyamantri Chandru attended the show to wish him. Many bigwigs from Sandalwood, including Rockline Venkatesh, Sa Ra Govindu, Sadhu Kokila and S Narayan spoke about him in a special video package aired on the show.