South Korean actor Song Seung Hun recently confirmed his relationship with Chinese American actress Liu Yifei and their fans are eagerly waiting for them to tie the knot soon.

Seung Hun and Yifei's relationship captured the attention of their fans after a Chinese media outlet, Dispatch, released several photos of the two together.

The representatives of the 38-year-old initially denied the news, but they later confirmed it after contacting the star. They revealed that Seung Hun and Yifei became friends while working on the Chinese-Korean movie, titled "The Third Way of Love".

"After finishing filming they were unable to see each other often, but they kept in touch and started their relationship. Please look after them positively," the representatives added.

The 27-year-old actress also admitted to being in a relationship with the "Summer Scent" actor through Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo. "Although there's a lot that I want to say, for now I will upload two ♥♥. Thank you, everyone," she wrote.

Meanwhile, the representatives of Seung Hun denied the claims of Dispatch that the celebrity couple met each other's parents to talk plan their wedding. "It is untrue that they have met each other's parents. They have not spoken about marriage yet," Soompi quoted them.

Netizens expressed their excitement about the relationship between the South Korean actor and the Chinese actress.

Here are some comments from the fans of the celebs, according to Koreaboo:

Woah.. Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei.. I can't imagine how amazing their baby will be if they were to be married wow.

Seung Hun hyoung, lets get married now!!!!!! You two look so great together!!

Is this another international couple following director Kim Tae Yong and actress Tang Wei? Song Seung Hun will be forth soon, he needs to get married soon. Congratulations!

Korean men are amazing. They are dating China's top goddess-level stars. Starting from Tang Wei and now Liu Yifei hahahaha