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Kim Kardashian might have posed nude to break the Internet, but here is a website, which thought way beyond and used the actress' famous derriere as a trick to get more people to read hard news. 

The Big Ass News website, created a few days ago, has serious news articles like The Daily Mail's "Former Security Chief Given Death Sentence" and The Times of India's "Landslide Hits 6 Villages in Nepal, 15 Feared Dead", among others, but the readers can read them only on one condition, they have to click on Kardashian's derriere.

Created by two freelance art directors from New York, Jennifer Garcia and Carl Larsson, the website has become an instant hit on social media.

"The idea is simple: Kim Kardashian's ass gets more attention than important world issues. So we wanted to use that 'huge platform' that Kardashian has in the media to spread awareness for news we should pay attention to as a global community." Larsson told NewsWeek.

The page has received positive response and fans have called it a "huge platform for important news".

Check out some Twitter reactions below:

Drew Lewis ‏

Well this certainly is a way to get people to read the news. #BigAssNews

Jitendra Verma

new platform for showcasing news #bigassnews The BigAssNews uses Kim Kardashian to Make You Care About Stuff