Muslim man's hand chopped off in Panipat
Muslim man's hand chopped off in Panipat

With an increase in crimes against minority groups in the country, a rather horrific incident has surfaced. A 28-year-old Muslim man was attacked by two Hindu men in Haryana's Panipat. 

The incident occurred on August 24th but the victim was identified after his family members lodged a complaint on September 7. 

After spotting 786 on his hands, two men used a chainsaw and severed hands of Akhlaq who is a barber by profession.  786 is a numeric representation of the Quranic verse Bismillah (In the name of Allah). 

Hand chopped, victim abandoned on railway track 

According to reports, Akhlaq had left his home in Nanauta, near Saharanpur city to find work in Panipat. After reaching the town, he sat down to rest for a few minutes in Kishanpura area when some youths asked for his name and whereabouts.

According to sources, as they assailants saw 786 written on Akhlaq's hand, they told him that we won't let this be written on your hand and they cut off his right hand with a chainsaw.  

After which Akhlaq was abandoned on a railway track and gained conscious by 5 am after which he was taken to the hospital. 

As per reports, the family members reported to the police and the police seem to have already decided to dismiss the case by calling it an accident. After which a  First Information Report has been lodged at another police station, Thana Chandni Bagh in Panipat.