As far as the beautiful game (football, i.e.) is concerned, we already have a healthy dose of FIFA titles that come out each year. And as soon as a new title hits the market, us fans are more concerned about how Ronaldo and Messi have been rated. But while Messi and Ronaldo are great footballers, "the Zlatan" is the perfect one.

Everyone knows Zlatan (that's Mr. Zlatan Ibrahimovic to you, son). He even has a hamburger named after him in some cafe is Paris. And yet a character like him still doesn't have a dedicated videogame to his name – not even a GTA mod, like the one we saw recently for CR7 a few weeks ago.

Still don't know what we are talking about? Here's an example: Reporter asks the Zlatan, "It was your anniversary last week. What did you gift your wife?" And the Zlatan replies, "She doesn't need anything. She already has the Zlatan." Yes people, the Zlatan does like to refer to himself in third person.

Back in January, Zlatan convinced his team mates at PSG that he's Jesus Christ to inspire them, and most of it was rubbed on Zlatan's young PSG teammate Marco Verratti.

"Before winning the 2012/13 league title, we were getting ready to play against Lyon," Verratti told FourFourTwo. "Carlo Ancelotti was a bit tense, so Ibra approached him and asked him if he believed in Jesus. Ancelotti said yes, so Ibra told him: 'Good, so you believe in me. You can relax!' Zlatan is like this – he has a lot of self-confidence. This helps him to be a great player."

Zlatan is such an imposing character that occasionally showing him in a FIFA game just isn't enough. That tall structure, fitted with a perfect pony tail, and a well-maintained French below his chin deserves more than just the occasional jokes about Zlatan referring to himself in third person.

Even if a Zlatan videogame is ever made, we have no real clue what the objective of the game would be, or what the content in it would be like. Maybe Zlatan would take bicycle kicks from 22 yards out (just ask Joe Hart), or maybe he will have a game of quotes. But do we care? Just get us the Zlatan.

Ubisoft, Rockstar, EA, Bethesda – anyone listening?