Amit Majithia

Bollywood is one of the apex film industries in the world. For over 100 years, this industry has been feeding us entertainment in the form of films, series, music, and also news. It's rightly said that "if you are an Indian, Bollywood films are a part of growing up." However, the cinema that we watched years ago is different from now. And producer Amit Majithia talks about the same.

He believes that the Hindi film industry has undergone extreme evolution over the years and has defined the pattern of how films are made and consumed. Talking about the shifts in the process of filmmaking, he says, "Bollywood seems to be running out of ideas. The prototype stories, featuring the handed-down methods and same-old faces, made them routine."

"Moreover, nowadays, most new films are remakes of something from regional or international cinema. We should focus on our stories rather than remaking films. Don't you think so?" he further asserted.

Lately, only a couple of Bollywood films are actually proving their worth. Well, speaking of films, we expect the producer to treat us to something new.

Addressing the latter part, i.e., changes in the ways of entertainment consumption, he says, "With every passing day, the audience is becoming even more aware. They cannot be deluded, not at least the majority. As films are unable to outperform their expectations, the audience has made their shift to OTT platforms. Not only has this channel opened the window to authentic and fresh entertainment, but also it has curbed the language and country barriers."

He has been a part of the entertainment industry for years. With his production house, BCC Music and Events, he has delighted people with music videos. Many of these music videos, like Chubhti Hai Saansein, Juda Hojaye, Dil Todiye, Chadd Ta, Saare Jahan Se Aacha, CBTF Anthem, Will Shoot Ya, and Bewafa have amassed a million views. He has several projects looming over the horizon, including music videos like Bardasht and Taaviz.