Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday sacked Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Minister Sandeep Kumar half an hour after a CD with "objectionable" content was delivered at his office.

The CD allegedly showed Kumar in a compromising position with two women and also contained 11 photographs. Kejriwal also said that "Sandeep betrayed the party" and that the party would take action against him once the investigation was over. He added that the party had "acted against ministers" and did not cover up the issue.

Kumar responded to the allegations saying: "I am paying price of being a Dalit. I am not in that video. Investigation must be done about video. Like Eklavya was pulled down, some plot is hatched to destroy us when people from our community rise. The plot was hatched ever since I installed Dr Ambedkar's statue. Even ABP says that they can't vouch for authenticity of tape. It is media trial. I am from the Valmiki community, that's why this plot," ANI reported.

But it seems Twitter had a field day after pornographic website Pornhub trolled Kumar with a tweet saying:

The tweet has gone viral with thousands of Twitter users retweeting and liking it with one user also saying that the admin is an Indian.